So she lived appily ever after..

“Forget your troubles, come on get ‘appy, you better chase all your cares away..”
That’s a song I sing – I dropped an “h” in the  name of artistic licence. And I can sing it, thanks to the miracle of (legit) free songs on the magical mini computer that is my phone.
My phone is like Mary Poppin’s bag: full of stuff you’d never imagine it could fit. I made the switch from apple to android grudgingly last year, but my handset (Vodafone Smart Prime 6) is constantly mistaken for an iphone 6, which is a serious result, because it cost just 30 quid, brand new.  Despite its price tag, it does everything I need it to and that’s where I come back around to my apps – and my singing.

I’m a performer and for that I need backing tracks and like everything in life, I’d rather not pay for them. But I choose to stay on the right side of law, being a good girl and all and don’t get involved in illegal downloads.  So thanks to a coupla little gems of apps, I’ve managed to build up a bunch of backing tracks for free.
How?! I hear ya holla..
The good news: my method is super easy, convenient and accessible. I use Google Opinion Rewards app and by doing a few simple lightning quick surveys on the go, I build up pence and pounds to spend in the Google Music Store, preview the tracks I want and then download them to my mini miracle Mary Poppins bag phone.
The bad news: it takes a while to build up credit, as surveys are erratic in availability, but it’s totes worth sticking with as it’s such an easy win.
Apps have become a mainstay for my food shopping too. Again, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but getting freebies (you buy the item, then submit a photo of the receipt via the app, then get a refund via paypal) makes me try things I wouldn’t necessarily usually buy. I see myself as a modern hunter-gatherer: I check out what’s going free, then head out on a supermarket search to find the items. It can be a bit of a false economy if you find yourself driving miles to the nearest Asda to get a free mini bottle of coke (oh yes, I’ve totally done it, because I’m really that much of a geek), but with a bit of nous, it’s a good little money saving hobby. I actually discovered the world’s most disgusting breakfast cereal* thanks to an app freebie – and I love that.
Download the Shopmium app and then enter the code: KYHKKYKG, to get four free Cornettos. I also really like Checkout Smart.
Happy hunter-gathering, my shoestring adventurers!

*sort of wheat biscuits, dryer than the Kalahari desert – you pour the milk in and it just sits there, no absorption, nothing…


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